From Best Friend Mark

I’ll start with last year’s wedding so fantastic, very fine,
You and your darling formed a bond eternal and divine.
Being asked to be best man, an honour unto me,
Your dear wife Julie found such pride and that was down to thee.
A fourteen-year relationship, a dream forevermore,
With every anniversary hailed like the one before.
And gratitude from three dear souls for faultless parenthood,
Supportive and so perfect, way beyond the grade of good.
Jordan, now at twenty, grasping glory and ambition,
His father’s way has taught him to make destiny his mission.
Amy is your daughter, ever beautiful and sweet,
At ten-years-old and counting with the whole world at her feet.
Her younger brother Declan, seeking progress unsurpassed,
Nine-years-old with faith profound and growing really fast.
Always looking up to dad who always looks his best,
Renowned for fashion David, elegant and smartly dressed.
Your love for cars has also set a very precious scene,
– A shining B.M.W. – immaculate and green.
The passion shared for motorbikes is how we both first met,
Fulfillment from our hobby is a gift I won’t forget.
Our twenty-five year relationship has evoked my soul each day,
Sunshine smiles and loyalty you’ve kindly brought my way.
Our vow, “always together” shall eternally ring true,
For memories are golden every time I think of you.
From younger days that graced us as we gathered in Blackhill,
The kicks we sought and times we shared, each moment was a thrill.
Days gone by still bless my mind and make me feel so proud,
Drinking in The Scotch Arms with both laughs and banter loud.
Even folk you met at school when youthful in your grace,
Recall the mischief coupled with your very happy face.
In our hearts, the love we’ve known is magic we shall keep,
A husband, dad and super friend, our love for you so deep.
Conquering the darkness with the smiles you have inspired,
Stands you, dear David whom we’ve always cherished and admired.
I also need to mention all the glory you have made,
Determined and committed with such courage you’ve displayed.
The moral of the story is the aura you are casting,
From best friend Mark to David, the respect is everlasting.

Inspired By David Alderson,
With Love and Best Wishes,

Christopher Short.

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