Hi Everyone, Chunk here.

So along with the help of Billy Robson and Paul Hillary, the new studio will be born this week and our financial issues to fund our projects are not too far away from being completely resolved. The new studio will be in the heart of Consett, giving Chunkcast 54.8 a HQ in town and a special place for podcasts, Live Lounge Acoustic sets and new projects, allowing us a facility to do podcast and radio show workshops for budding new junior presenters and producers, the live streaming of interesting podcasts focussing on many subjects including Consett Heritage interests, a Live vinyl show bringing collectors and DJ enthusiasts together and playing new and old records, events coverage such as Live Music and performing arts and also I’m looking at giving Consett AFC and Consett Rugby Club a lot of coverage eventually giving people the means to follow the teams and get to know the players that represent our areas on the pitches. Eventually I’d like to create a Live Stream commentary facility for matches and have the means to listen to the matches LIVE, eventually on a FM/AM frequency.


My New Shows on NorthUK radio now promote and showcase signed and unsigned local and national bands/producers and musicians and gives them the airtime they deserve for all their talent and hard work. Artists like Ben Potts and Caff from Jarrow and Just B from Ashington are doing an amazing job representing us in the UK Hip Hop Scene and our interactions have developed strongly so that Ben and Caff will be doing an Exclusive recording just for us, and will feature on the show.

I’m also working closely exchanging #newmusic with shows based in Manchester and Reading, giving the #newmusic Show a totally national feel, and in all genres and levels of Artist and bands like Toxic, Fallen Mafia and Counterfeit Youth are doing a sterling job creating new music that isd definitely ‘Here2stay’.

Listen on a Tuesday and Wednesday night 9pm until Midnight on The Late Show with me Paul Owen Hunter on www.northukradio.com and if you are an unsigned local recording artist or are in a band please please get in touch and we can support you by including you in #newmusic projects based in Consett and I’ll happily play you on the show.
www.northukradio.com is the link to out station, it’d be great to play a track for you or dedicate one to one of your loved ones…. get in touch.

So that’s it from me this month guys, look out for #newmusichere2stay on Facebook and Twitter and get in touch to support creative talent in our hometown.
More News on the new studio in the next edition of The Consett Magazine.
Chunk Out!!

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