Hi Everyone, Chunk here.

The revival of the Chunkcast 54.8 Interviews and podcasts is fast approaching, it’s a one-man project and is sometimes a struggle without certain elements of support but with the Internet radio shows finally well established, it’s time to bring back Chunkcast 54.8 Consett’s No.1 Podcast with an absolute belter of an interview with a person of local interest. More details shall be posted on social media once I have set everything up but needless to say, it will be a good’un.


I now syndicate The Late Show on another 3 stations, bringing #newmusic to more listeners while gaining vital radio production and presenting experience at the same time. I’m also in the process of creating a talk show, if you’d like to get involved or would like to suggest a topic of discussion, please get in touch via social media or the e-mail address below.

The final goal is to create a station specifically for the people of Consett combining everything going on in Derwentside and surrounding areas and providing a radio station we can all be a part of in one way or another.
Local news, events, competitions, local business and charities promotions and a free alternative to the monotonous scrolling of social media which will allow creativity to flourish and be captured for generations to come starting on our own doorsteps.

Who needs the BBC when we’ve got the Blackhill Broadcasting Centre!

If we have a Consett radio station what would we call it?
What would sum-up Consett and our people in a catchy name and slogan?
If you have a suggestion, please send me it or anything to bring to our attention about a local station or if you would like to sponsor a Consett Radio Station get in touch at this address:


So if you’ve not heard much from Chunkcast 54.8 please visit our Facebook page and check out the archived podcasts and videos. New things are coming hard and fast so ‘Stay Tuned’ for new local broadcasts and interesting interviews and many many thanks for everyone who gets involved in one way or another. Without you, there would be no us!!

The Late Show is currently broadcast on: www.northukradio.com
and will shortly feature on Radio Scarborough, Pulse Talk Radio and Shout Radio, or alternatively search:

The Late Show


Facebook or follow us on

Instagram: the_late_show_

Twitter: thelateshowNUK

If you would like to get involved with the new station or would like to create your own radio show, feature on the show or are in a band or are a musician who would like to hear their productions on the radio then please, please, get in touch, absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

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Chunk Out.

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