As the festive season approaches, there are some things to bear in mind if you have a pet, to ensure they’re kept safe and well.

• Some animals may be very interested in the cords of Christmas lights but chewing them can result in electrocution. Cover up the wires and turn them off at the plug when you’re not in to reduce this risk.
• Fallen Christmas tree needles can get lodged in paws and cause abscesses so make sure they are hoovered up every day.
• Dried fruit (like in your Christmas cake), chocolate, mistletoe, poinsettia and alcohol can all be toxic and should not be left within reach of your pets.
• Ribbons, wrapping and tinsel might look like attractive treats for your dog but can cause upset stomachs and intestinal blockages that may require surgery.

Your vet will have to provide you with a service over the festive period, whether that’s at the practice itself, or with an out of hour’s provider. Make sure you get the relevant contact details now in case you do have an emergency outside of normal working hours.

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