On average, dogs live for around 12 years and cats for around 14 years, although many will live much longer than this. As your pet gets older, there are many things you can do to ensure they live comfortably and happily during their later years:

1) Consider switching them onto a senior diet which will better suit their changing dietary requirements

2) Take them for shorter walks, more regularly, and keep them active at home with toys and games

3) Keep an eye on their nails. They’re likely to need trimming more often as their exercise levels reduce and cats use their scratching posts less

4) Keep an eye on their eating, drinking and urinating habits. If there’re any changes, book an appointment with your vet

5) Lots of older pets will develop arthritis which is often worse in the winter months.

There’s lots of things that can help with the discomfort and stiffness arthritis causes including anti-inflammatory medication, laser therapy, physiotherapy and joint supplements. Speak to your vet about which options will be best for your pet


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