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Are you ready for Spring?
I know we are.

So when does Spring actually begin? To define the first day of spring it really depends on whether you follow the astronomical or meteorological seasons. This year, spring will begin on March 20 and end on June 21, if you use the astronomical method. But it starts slightly earlier, between March 1 and May 31, if you follow the meteorological calendar.

This month, we’ve got a number of local interest stories for you to feast your eyes upon including: “Consett Boys Club” by local historian, Brian Harrison (pages 4&5). Lorraine Weightman has written a fabulous piece titled, “March Hair” (page 6). We also find out how much Consett Air Cadets raised by packing bags for customers at Morrisons Supermarket (page 10).

A special thanks goes out to Audrey Rogan for submitting this month’s front cover image. If you’d like to see your image on the front cover in April, send your best Springtime photographs (we’re thinking lambs, more daffodils, and rabbits; but we’ll let your imagination go wild!) to editor@consettmagazine.com

We hope you enjoy Consett Magazine and remember to visit consettmagazine.com for even more local stories, history, news, articles, videos, and photographs.

Have a wonderful day Consett!

Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy,
Firefly New Media UK
and everyone who makes
Consett Magazine possible.

PS – As many of you may already know, Consett Magazine is published by local media firm Firefly New Media UK; but did you know Firefly are on the lookout for some amazing people to join their team? If you are a UX/UI Web Designer, Media Advisor, or Graphic Designer see page fifteen for more information and how to apply for all the opportunities at Firefly.

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