Do you want to snap some photos that really show off the beauty of your garden, or maybe some specific plants that are in it? As you may be starting to find out taking great garden photos can be a bit challenging, and you may not feel that the photos you’ve taken so far do you garden justice.


The good news is that there are several tips that can help you to take far better garden photos, and better yet they really aren’t that hard to apply:


  • Get up close

One of the best ways to show off a specific plant or part of your garden is to get up close and actually fill the frame of your photo. By doing that you’ll reveal details that are normally obscured, and make it the focus of attention.


If you can try to slowly and carefully approach plants – as you may get lucky and there may be insects on them that could make your photo a lot more interesting as well.

  • Snap photos at different times during the day


    Over the course of the day the light in your garden will change dramatically, and that will in turn affect how your photos turn out. It would be worth your while to try snapping photos at different times throughout the day, such as right after dawn, in the midday sun, and at dusk.

    When you snap photos at different times, you’ll be able to see how different light conditions may make certain colors in your garden stand out more and look more vibrant. Snapping photos at dusk in particular can often produce an almost translucent quality in garden plants.

  • Take advantage of the color in your garden

Part of what makes some garden photos stand out more is their use of color – and you should take full advantage of the color in your own garden. Try to use contrasting colors if you want part of the photo to stand out, and create a dramatic effect. On the other hand you could use more harmonious colors if you would like your photo to appear peaceful and serene.

Always remember that your garden consists of more than just the vivid colors of the blooms, and you should use the various hues of green and brown stalks and leaves that are present as part of your shots too.


One type of effect that you may want to try to use is to blur out background distractions and draw focus to a particular flower or plant. While that is tricky to do using a camera, with Movavi Photo Focus you’ll be able to make artistic blurred images without any difficulty at all.

As a specialized tool to apply blur effects onto images, Movavi Photo Focus will let you choose which parts of your photo you’d like to blur, and which parts you want to keep in focus. It can produce a variety of different effects, including panoramic tilt-shifts, bokeh effects, or motion blurs.

Be sure to take advantage of it and use it to blur image to see how it could help you to come up with some truly unique and spectacular garden photos. Don’t worry if you have no real experience editing photos, as Movavi Photo Focus will make it seem like a walk in the park.

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