When looking at the best of the best in coworking spaces in London, some spaces were chosen favourites because they provided the tenants more than just a Wi-Fi connection. Many of these coworking space are able to form a support system for professionals that can help them leverage the business community more effectively. Furthermore, these spaces could be used for more than just workspace.

Another coworking space feature that made it worth the budget was the sense of community that engenders a sense of belonging. However, in finding a coworking space in London, professionals and businesses are going to encounter a variety, making difficult to find the perfect space. Finding the perfect space, however, will require some homework on your part and a lot of diligence.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to be on the lookout for when searching for the perfect coworking space for your business in London.

The Office’s Amenities

Of the factors that make a coworking space extremely popular, providing the business with the right tools is one of the priorities of most businesses. Many cite the need for excellent internet connection and adequate workspace. The spaces that were at the top were able to provide additional amenities that made working in the space convenient.

In looking for your space, determine what features of the office can make it easy for you to function as a business. For example, professionals who travel a lot might find a space that can give them access to office space in other locations a favourite. Alternatively, someone with a busy life might find a space that is open 24/7 more amenable, even though space cannot provide them with access in other locations.

Close-Knit Community

Another attractive feature of the coworking space is the fact that the space makes an effort to create a cohesive community. While many spaces focus on making the community a big part of the coworking office, some are better at creating an atmosphere that encourages professionals finding their clique within the coworking community. One of the major benefits is that all of that informal networking and gabbing in the place can translate into lucrative opportunities down the line, namely through collaboration.

When looking for a space, while you might not find the type of close-knit space that makes many coworking spaces popular, you should look for the types of spaces that focus on community. Look at the community calendar to see the types of events that they host. A good mix of formal networking events and social gatherings can make for a space that really values community.

Fees And Surcharges

A few of the spaces were favourites because they were no hassle and did not charge businesses extra fees for services. These coworking spaces make leasing space very easy because of contracts with very simple terms. For your business, one of the best ways to secure space is to pour over the details of the lease to make sure you know exactly what amenities come as a part of the plan and which ones require a fee.

Typically, most coworking spaces charge a nominal fee for attending formal networking events and conference, but the charge tends to be a little lower than events held outside the space. Also, participating in incubator or accelerator programs can also come with a fee as well, as community managers usually seek the expertise of professionals within the industry.

Your Coworking Space In London

London’s business community is large and diverse enough to support coworking communities of all types. The best part of coworking in London is that, even though the city is the largest in the UK, its coworking community strives to bring the practical aspect of workspace combined with the sense of community to its tenants. For you, this makes finding the perfect space simpler.

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