Are you looking for a fresh way to marketing and advertise your Christmas and New Year offers to your customers?

This is busiest time of year for many businesses, but it isn’t always being taken advantage of properly (at least in terms of marketing opportunities) – We’re here to fix that, assist you, and take the marketing off your to-do list ( and onto your DONE list ).

Be prepared and take care of all your Christmas campaigns before November, read on below to find out why this is so important, especially when it comes to print.

Barry Kirkham from Firefly New Media UK has come up with these five awesome ideas to get the most from your festive marketing.


    Christmas Printing and Design(Christmas Booking Forms, Menus, Price lists, and much more)

    Don’t leave your design and print until last-minute, remember it often takes a few days for designs to be completed, you’ll probably want to add/edit or change the design, and most importantly the print turnaround time can vary especially during Christmas and New Year (everyone else is getting their print and design now too).


    (Consett Magazine is a perfect example of a display advertising platform for local advertising during the Christmas period)

    Book your space in a local magazine to target people in your local vicinity, it’s also true that over the Christmas and New Year Period many plans are hatched, so advertise using display ads to local customers over this time of year to benefit from an uptick in January and February sales.


    (Get a complete leaflet distribution package includes: strategy, design, print, and hand delivered direct to homes)

    It’s a marketing campaign that’s been around for millennia (well, maybe less than that, but its been used to advertise for a long time) – The door to door distribution campaign allows you to market directly to residential customers. This campaign is perfect for events, special Christmas offers/pricing, bookings for your hotel/spa/leisure service, Christmas tree sellers, and just about any business who want to target the general public in specific areas.


    Introduce or tell a story about your business – Get exposure online, after all it where most of us get our news from. Work with our editorial team to create a ‘Spotlight’ piece which will be featured in print, online and across social media channels (many customers consume media across numerous formats, so this three-pronged strategy is a cost-effective way to spreading your message. Make your business spotlight article interesting and the social media consuming public will take care of the likes, shares, comments for you. (Tip: You’re reading a Firefly New Media business spotlight article right now, so you know it works.)


    Office Wall Planners -
    Send your customers a Christmas Card this festive season, with a custom card including details about your company. Tell them you appreciate their custom and spread your brand’s message. Wall Planners / Calendars are a great way to thank customers and if this useful gift is used, your customers will be looking at your calendar throughout the entirely of 2019. We have literally hundreds of Customised gift ideas for your customers, from torches and key rings to USB pen drives, and all types of clothing & accessories.

Barry Kirkham is the founder of Firefly New Media UK, you can read more of these types of business related articles on – or if you’d like to schedule a meeting with Barry or the Firefly creative team to discuss your Christmas marketing campaign just call 01207 438 292 or visit: 

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