Dear Consett Magazine readers,

Thanks for picking in the February edition of your free local magazine.

We hope our editorial in the January edition inspired you enough to set big goals for 2019 and that you are still making those resolutions work all the way into February. If not, then don’t worry – you can start all over again this month, January was just a trial month anyway!

Starting this month, we’ll be asking readers to submit their guesses for the location of the front cover photograph. Last month’s front cover image was located near Once Brewed (also known as Twice Brewed) in Northumberland, England. It lies on the Military Road (Northumberland) B6318. Now we know this photograph wasn’t taken in Consett, but we’re open to any photographs from across the region to be featured on the front of Consett Magazine – afterall we do live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

As you may or may not know, we’re producing even more exclusive content online for – so if you’ve not read any articles on the website, we encourage you to do so. There’s now over 1410 published articles on (correct as of 23rd Jan 2019) – so there is plenty to read on the online archives!

We’re screaming out for people to get their story published, so if you’ve got a great story you’d like to share with the people of Consett please get in contact. Also, please go ahead and send in your photographs for a chance to be featured on the from cover.

Warmest regards,

Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy and everyone who makes the Consett Magazine a success!

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