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England attracts a high number of tourists each year and according to many travel and tourism publications, England ranks as one of the most visited countries on the European continent.

For some tourists who visit England, they prefer to stay in the world class accommodation facilities inside the capital London. However, for some tourists, they prefer to stay outside of the capital in countryside towns where they can get to mix and mingle with the local communities. One such countryside town that tourists can visit when they come to England is Consett, a small town which is a few kilometres southwest of Newcastle upon Tyne. In this article, we are going to share with all visitors to Consett what they can expect when they are in town, other than mixing and mingling with the welcoming community.

Attend Church Services in Historical Churches

Consett is one of the oldest towns in England and it has some of the country’s oldest churches. Regardless of your faith, when you visit the town (on any day of the week) you can visit anyone of the old famous churches in the town for service. The most visited churches are the Leadgate Methodist Church, Salvation Army and the Bradley Cottages Methodist Church. If you are lucky enough, you might actually visit any of the churches on a day when they do their charity work. As such, you can partake in the proceedings as you go around the town visiting the elderly and the sick. Not only is this a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it will also help you to know all corners of this beautiful town.

Do some light exercises

Consett town just like most other towns in England is a sporting town. When you visit this town, you can also engage in one or more sporting activities of your preference. The Sherburn Park right inside the town’s CBD is the best place to go for your sporting sessions. The Sherburn Park is home to a number of sports fields and pitches. The beauty of this place is that you do not need to part with any of your money to play whatever sport you want!

Play Snooker

Snooker is loved by many in Consett and if you are a snooker fanatic, then you will definitely love this town. There are a few good places to showcase your snooker skills when you visit Consett including Supa Snooker, a snooker club that is considered the best snooker club in the whole of England! In addition, there is also the Consett & District Golf Club which houses numerous snooker tables.

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