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How long does it take to deliver leaflets?

How long does it take to deliver leaflets?

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Hello Consett Magazine Reader,

Marco Elsy here.

I’m the creative director at Consett Magazine / Firefly New Media UK – I’m the person you’d deal with when designing your ad or thinking about the strategy to get the most from your advertising campaigns this year.

This week, I’m looking at the leaflet distribution side of business.

So, let’s get straight to it:

How long does it take to deliver leaflets?

One of the most important aspects about managing leaflet distribution is getting the logistics right. It’s the difference between a profitable campaign (for the distributor and the advertiser) and an ineffective one..

What you need to know about leaflet distribution logistics?

  • Where each leaflet needs to go (Which villages, towns, and corresponding streets)?
  • How many people are undertaking the distribution?
  • How many leaflets will be needed for each person’s delivery bag?
  • How many different type of leaflets need to be distributed into each letterbox?
  • How long it will take to deliver in each letterbox,  street, area, and to complete the campaign?
  • Where will the van need to be parked?
    (In order to get an optimal distance for topping up delivery bags with leaflets or for distributors to transported from area to area)

We use the following “Leaflet Distribution Calculator” to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete a leaflet drop. The calculation fluctuates widely depending on the types of houses, the terrain, and the number people completing the drop, but gives us a good answer to the questions, “How long does it take to deliver leaflets?”.

The Leaflet Distribution Calculator

Depending on the area and distance between houses, let’s say it takes around 20 seconds per home to deliver a leaflet (this takes into account some houses have gates, long paths, and awkward mailboxes or letterboxes – and dare we say it “barking doggies”) – Some may only take 10 seconds on a terraced street with no gates or paths, but some may take up to 1 minute depending on the difficulty of getting to and from the letterboxes. So, I’ve went for an average of 20 seconds to cover all bases.

For example,

20,000 leaflets x 20 seconds delivery time per letterbox
= 400000 seconds
= 6666.66667 Minutes
= 111.11111116667 hours

Using this calculator gives us the ability to estimate leaflet distribution campaign time and how we can optimise the logistics to get more leaflets delivered.

“We can deliver complete packages of 5,000 – 50,000 units on each campaign (roughly every 3-5 weeks)”.

Firefly New Media UK – February 2019

Designed, printed, and delivered.

All of our leaflet campaigns come with access to your own graphic designer, who’ll guide your through the strategy and creative direction of your artwork, we’ll then print, and deliver the print to our distribution team who’ll distribute the leaflets into letterboxes in your target areas.

We do only complete campaigns, meaning you’ll not have to work out all the logistics from design to print, to delivery.

Location, location, location

Based in the North East of England, however we deliver throughout the region and have partner distribution teams who we work with across the UK to deliver into most major towns and cities.

Warmest regards,
Marco Elsy, Creative Director

Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to read my email. I look forward to working with you on your advert design, just give me a call on 01207 438 292 to get started.

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