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Our Story: Why was Consett Magazine started?
You may already know the Consett Magazine story – “Around nine years ago, Firefly New Media UK began producing print, design, and websites from their Consett HQ and they wanted to advertise their services to the community, but they found all the local media focused on bad news & crime, but they didn’t want their services to be associated with negativity by advertising alongside “bad news”.

The Solution: Firefly started their own publication, Consett Magazine meaning they could now spread good local news, after all Consett has plenty of it!

And the rest is history as they say.

The truth is, people care about your story, especially if it’s interesting and memorable. 

How to tell your business story!

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate your business story or message with your customers.

For thousands of years, humans have been listening to and telling stories as a way to communicate their stories and messages over generations. It seems years of evolution have molded our brains to look out for a good story.

Your business story is really all that you have. Your products/services are awesome yes, but you you still have to convince customers to come to you.

First of all you should explain the problem your business solves and why it matters to your customers.

Stories that end with resolution and closure, the way a Disney film does, are pleasing to your audience. It’s a perfect recipe for a book and film. They all lived happily ever after, the end. But that same resolution isn’t always great for a business story. You don’t want to leave your audience with closure. You want them to know there are still problems to be solved, challenges that will force your company to continue to grow, expand, and become even better in the future!

To make business personal. It is important to leave the story hanging without an ending, and this will function like a call to action for your customers to visit your business, call you, email you, or take action by hitting the “buy now” button on your website (or whatever the action you want people to take – this is your “call-to-action”).A story of your team
What’s a story if it doesn’t speak of the people involved?

By telling the story of your team, you are connecting with the very lifeblood of your business and the people who deal directly with your customers. They are the people who interact and communicate your company message the most, and by including them in your business story you’ll bring the message to real life and provide an extra level of humanity for your audience.

A story of your product (or service)

So, what makes your product (or service) interesting? Why is it useful for your customers? And what makes it better than all the other products or services on the market?

Telling your unique product story is important because it makes the product interesting, bringing it to life and it will become more memorable when it’s time for your customers to buy.

A story of momentum

Just like we discussed before, you need to leave your story open-ended you don’t just want the story to end (happily ever-after or not) – you want the story to be ongoing, a mission, something which is powerful and alive.

Often a business needs to adapt, evolve, and find new products/services to offer their customers to not only grow, but to simply survive.

For example, if you’d told Nokia (the mobile phone manufacturer which ruled the early 00s mobile phone market) that they’d need to adapt their business model to survive, because there was something new coming called a “smart phone” or more specifically the “iPhone” – they’d have laughed in your face. Simply put, they got too comfortable being the mobile phone behemoth who it seemed could not be knocked from their throne, their story had ended, they didn’t leave it open ended ready for new challenges to their dominance. And so, the mobile phone market moved on very quickly in a new direction in which Nokia couldn’t not compete with.

A Final Thought

One of the best books I have read recently is that of Yuval Noah Harari, in his book Sapiens he points out that we humans are the only species on the planet that live in two separate realities.
We live in a physical reality which is around us: i.e. Our home, the air, the lights, and our bodies. But we also live in another reality constructed by the stories that we tell ourselves and that we collectively believe in: money, countries, Lady Gaga, religions, and tech startups. It’s this special characteristic of we Homo sapiens that makes us the dominant species on Planet Earth. Unlike any other animal, we have the ability to organize ourselves around a common belief, the ‘belief in a story’.

As an entrepreneur, as a leader, your job is to construct the story, to draw the map and place the X, and then to tell that story all the time, to everyone you meet until, with the help of some of those people, you’ve created a new piece of reality.

Let’s Get Started!

First Determine Your Business Goals

First, we will help you to decide what you want to accomplish for your publicity campaign. Here are some typical goals for the businesses we already work with:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase awareness of the business, brand, product, or service
  • Become known as an expert
  • Enter a new market or industry
  • Change perceptions
  • Develop goodwill
  • Attract great employees
  • Attract investors and/or buyers

Knowing what goals you’re trying to achieve will help you determine what type of story you’re going to want to be created.

Call Marco on 01207 438 292 to get a free consultation on how to tell your story in print, online, and via social media to help you to reach your business goals this year.

PS – Telling your story makes your business more memorable, so the next time your potential customers need the service your company offers, they’ll will think of you!


Warmest regards,
Marco Elsy, Creative Director

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