Born in bred in Consett, I’ve always been interested DIY projects.

I was brought up by my Dad who used to work at the Consett Steel Works. When he was home at night, we used to potter around the house working on little jobs which led me to follow in his DIY footsteps. I’ve worked as a volunteer over the last few years for BHF Furniture and Electrical Store. My role is to collect furniture and display it in the shop. I have done this for three years. I also help out at the YMCA in Consett, known as Delta Furniture.

My main role at Delta Furniture is travelling around the local area, dealing with customers, and picking up furniture. I have given a lot of my free time volunteering and I was appalled to see how much furniture is refused or just loaded up for landfill. This problem gave me a bright idea! I thought to myself, “hang on a minute – most of this stuff could be repaired or up-cycled and turned into more useful items”.

After watching vanload after vanload of furniture going into landfill (most of which could be easily repaired with a little time and patience), I decided to start up a business of my own.

I offer a similar service, but I don’t refuse any items as I always come up with fresh ideas on how I can make these items look better, or repair them back to their original function.

I understand that charities are now run much like a business and all businesses need to make as much as profit as possible. I always strive to sell my products at affordable prices as I understand what it’s like when you’re going through hard times and need decent, long lasting furniture.

I hope people like my creations and restorations. I hope to save countless pieces of furniture moving forward and in turn, save the good people of Consett money by picking up unwanted furniture FREE of charge, saving them fuel, time and landfill fees.

So next time you’re looking to get rid of old furniture, or looking to get some new, give me a call on 07949094605 or contact me on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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