Easter! We know it! We love it! And so does Barry…

Easter is a time of rejoice and togetherness, along with the obvious reason we celebrate it… Chocolate! Bunnies, Eggs, and all sorts, all made of chocolate, and everyone goes crazy for it!

Barry’s Bargains started as a smaller corner shop on Middle Street in Consett, and has since grown in size to a superstore on the same street, a little further down, and the popularity of this shop has also grown a lot! It’s known for super deals on all sorts of items and because of this, whenever a holiday comes around such as Christmas, Halloween, or Easter, they capitalize on it, and it makes a big difference.

Barry’s Bargains superstore has had a huge deal this Easter, and it caused quite a large increase in customers because of it. A lorry full of sweet, cheap, chocolate goodness delivered to the shop, and everyone seemed very pleased with the prices! Prices such as £10 usually for Giant Minstrels Eggs were instead costing £5, and Large galaxy Eggs for £3 where-as they originally cost £5…

Absolute heaven for children and parents!

Obviously, at this time, Easter has passed, but this was such a good reason to visit Consett because everyone loves chocolate?! Maybe not those who are lactose intolerant but if that’s you then just buy some chocolate for a friend or family member, and you’ll be happy that they’re happy!

This improves business for Barry’s Bargains but also improves the opinions of local businesses.

Hop on down, like the Easter bunny, to Barry’s Bargains to truly experience the bargains… Easter is over now, but you can still get a can of beans for cheap, so that’s always a bonus!

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