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Compost Can Cool the Climate & Do Your Garden Good

Compost Can Cool the Climate & Do Your Garden Good
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Did you know that the humble compost bin is not only a useful way of getting rid of household waste and improving the quality of your garden’s soil, but can even help combat global warming?

As well as returning nutrients to the soil and helping your plants resist drought and disease, composting can capture carbon from the atmosphere – the very carbon that is driving up global temperatures.

Compost Awareness Week – which will run from 5th to 11th May – aims to get more people composting. The theme of this year’s campaign is: Cool the Climate – Compost!

And as part of this campaign, Durham County Council has a very special offer for its residents.

The council is running a buy-one-get-one-free, share-and-save offer on a variety of compost bins in partnership with getcomposting.com.

This means that by teaming up with a friend, family member or neighbour, you can each receive a compost bin half-price.

The bins will recycle organic household waste into peat-free compost. It is hoped that this will lead to an abundance of fresh fruit and veg growing in County Durham’s gardens, which can then be shared with neighbours, community members and families.

Durham County Council’s strategy team manager, Victoria Burrell, said, “Around a third of the average household bin can be composted and although many households already compost at home, we want others to get involved.”

“This is a great incentive to encourage more residents to get composting and set up their own composting communities, sharing the rewards.”

“Home-composting organic waste helps to significantly reduce carbon emissions and can also be used as an effective and sustainable waste management method.”

A variety of composting bins – suitable for both beginners and experienced gardeners – are available as part of the buy-one-get-one-free deal. To learn more, please go to https://getcomposting.com or telephone 0844 571 4444.

For more information about composting, please visit http://www.durham.gov.uk/composting or email wasteaware@durham.gov.uk.

(This article’s featured image shows the council’s waste strategy and policy officer Vicky Bell (left) with projects and campaigns team leader Paula George.)



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