Socialisation is one of the most important things you can do with your new puppy as giving them lots of positive experiences, especially in the first few months of their lives, will help to ensure they become a friendly, outgoing and confident dog.

By the time a puppy reaches about 12 weeks of age, any situations or environments he has not been exposed to previously are likely to be approached with caution so between three and 12 weeks of age, it’s really important to get them used to as many different people, animals and situations as possible.

Prior to your puppy receiving his full primary vaccination course, he cannot mix with unvaccinated dogs or go on walks, but he can be carried around in public, exposed to traffic and other animals, taken to the vets and may even be able to attend puppy parties if your ve practice offers these.

There is a lot of helpful information online about how best to socialise your puppy so take the time to read up on the subject as your dog is only going to be a puppy once, and speak to the team at your vet practice if you would like more information or advice.

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