Dear Consett Readers,

We’re delighted you’ve taken a moment out of your busy day to pick up and read this month edition. Over the past seven years (Consett Magazine launched in August 2012) we’ve had the good fortune to talk to some very interesting and inspiring people – thanks to everyone who’s contributed over the years. 

One of the main reasons this magazine was launched was to spread the good news about our town after all Consett has plenty of it. The problem is that most newspapers & local media contain fairly negative content – this is not something our company “Firefly New Media UK” wanted to advertise in for two reasons, 1. The local newspaper is not very cost-effective for small businesses to promote themselves in, and 2. The local newspaper was jam-packed with negativity and downright “bad news”.

We launched Consett Magazine as a cost-effective alternative with nothing but optimism and positive local content. We see ourselves as the good news alternative and I hope you feel the same. If you’ve got any feedback on how to improve Consett Magazine or would like to contribute your story or advertise your business just call us on 01207 438 292.

“Mark Laybourn with last month’s Consett Magazine in Holland” – To send your Consett Magazine in a faraway place, email us or tag us on @ConsettMagazine on Twitter or Facebook.”

September is the month to get back to school or back to work if you’ve had the good fortune to take some time off to relax during the Summer months. One such person is Mark Laybourn‎, who posted a picture of the Consett Magazine in Holland! We think this is a great idea and would love to see your photographs of a Consett Magazine in a different city or faraway place!

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The Consett Magazine Editing team lovingly ❤️ publishes local news from a variety of local people and sources. Please see the individual article for post specific source(s). Consett deserves good news. Submit your own story or call 01207 438292 for advertising and marketing campaigns.


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