Home World BBC Panorama Doc About Scam Buster ‘Jim Browning’

BBC Panorama Doc About Scam Buster ‘Jim Browning’

BBC Panorama Doc About Scam Buster ‘Jim Browning’

It’s 2020, the weather is alright, we don’t have flying cars, and we still have scammers and TV licenses; that’s the way it goes.

The BBC did a cracking Panorama documentary about sending their reporter to report on a report about a scam call centre that got hacked and royally busted by an independent British ‘cyber activist’, who publishes his work on YouTube on the channel Jim Browning. We are reporting about these reports third-hand here for you, which is how the flow of news media goes through the plughole of history, into the land of the past.

All this ties into the ongoing reminders that scammers exist both in person and online, where they can get to everyone with a computer and smartphone these days, so be aware of their wiles, and enjoy seeing them hoisted with their own petards.

The first of a four part series on the the Jim Browning channel about the call centre is out now, the rest will follow over the next two weeks:


Is this the start of the Beeb turning into Youtubeeb?

Does the TV licence make sense for you these days, what with so many online video producers on free websites like YouTube and Bitchute?

Loads more wisdom about avoiding jams with scams here: Friends Against Scams



Cover Photo of scammers at work by Joel Filipe


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