Consett’s Villa Real School is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Conductive Education worldwide.

The Villa Real School has offered Conductive Education for over 15 years.  It’s the North’s only conductive education provision within a maintained school.

Conductive Education can be applied throughout a person’s life and is traditionally beneficial for those with cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, MS, stroke and acquired brain injury. It focuses on potential and ability, rather than an individual’s disability. People with neurological and mobility impairment can learn to perform daily tasks that those without such impairment learn through normal life experiences.

Here is Cameron’s story, as told by his family:
“Cameron was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at around 18 months old. With his diagnosis came an uncertainty as the things that Cameron would achieve later in life. Sometimes you begin to expect the worst, when each milestone passes by.
When Cameron turned three years old we began our search for the perfect school. We stumbled across Villa Real School, which at the time offered Conductive Education classes for parents and their children – since then we have not looked back! Conductive Education is a major part of Cameron’s life and has given him the ability to gain some independence in his life.
Through intensive sessions at school, Cameron can do things like hoover his room and help to dry the dishes. Although he would argue that Conductive Education most importantly helped him to use a mobile phone. Something Cameron had wanted to achieve for such a long time.
Cameron feels himself, that Conductive Education has had a huge positive impact on his life and without it he would not have the ability to actively participate in the things he enjoys to do.
Conductive Education for me, as a parent has made the achievements that Cameron can reach, so much more amazing.”

Head Teacher, Jill Bowe says,
‘As we celebrate CE week please come along and see the benefits of this approach and the exciting work of our team and most important the lovely pupils who benefit.’
The CEO of the National Institute for Conductive Education’s audit (January 2020) of Conductive Education at Villa Real School describes;
‘The level of conductive practice is excellent and the training and engagement of staff is at a very high level.’’ (Dr Melanie Brown, CEO NICE January 2020)

Conductive Education Awareness Week, which aims to raise awareness and highlight the benefits of the unique learning programme, runs from March 15th to 22nd.

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