We welcome you to join our new tuition course which commences on Wednesday 15th April and runs for 20 weeks (with a break to be arranged) until September. Time: 2.00pm -4.00pm

Bridge is a game to be enjoyed. Some players delight in the social aspects whilst others get a thrill from the competitive element. Whatever your particular reason for taking up Bridge, your pleasures will be greatly enhanced by possessing the basic skills of the game.

This course has been designed to give you all those basic skills; and the opportunity to practice them under supervision.

‘As my old teacher said to me when I was learning to play 4 years ago: “You never stop learning new things playing bridge; I’ve been playing competitive bridge for 40 years, and I am still learning… It is a wonderful adventure!’ … B.W.

To book your place on the course please contact
Liz Whiting – Tel: 01207 659573
Email: consettbridgeclub@outlook.com

Once you have joined the course, each session will last for 2 hours, with a short break for refreshments. It will not be all dry theory, you get to play several hands every week. So the fun starts from the first day!

Consett Bridge Club meet at Blackhill Community Centre, Derwent Street, Blackhill.

Mondays 6.00 – 9.00pm / Thursdays 12.45 – 3.45pm. New players are welcome – Just turn up 5 minutes early.

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