Bridge is an intriguing card game, played by millions around the world. It is the one game that transcends the generations.

The young and the old can play together with equal pleasure. Many a child has been taught to play by their grandparents. Age is no barrier; one can play the game from the ages of 9 to 90.

We have put in place a course of bridge lessons at the Consett Bridge Club, which will take beginners up to a reasonable standard within 20 weeks.

However, due to the immediate threat from coronavirus, we have had no choice but to postpone the teaching course until a time when it is safe to engage in social activities once again.

If you would like to learn how to play this excellent game, at a suitable time in the future can you please register your interest by contacting:-

Liz Whiting : telephone 01207 659573 or
Facebook: Consett Bridge Club

There is a good chance that our regular meetings on Monday evenings and Thursday afternoons will be suspended until further notice by the time this will be published.

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