Consett Magazine has been giving the opportunity for local businesses and community organisations to get their message out to the public. If you have a message you’d like published then just fill in this form. 

What is your name?

Steven Beveridge

What is your business or organisations name?

Beveridge’s Nursery’s

How long have you, your business or your family lived in the area?

110 years

What role does your business or organisation play in the local community?

Promotes outdoor health and well being via your garden

Do you have a message you would like to communicate with your customers and Consett Magazine readers? (i.e. Covid-19 changes, opening hours, announcements)

Deliveries available now and longer (restricted opening hours) when reopening

How has your business been affected during the Pandemic? Can you describe your experience?

Closed to the public during peak growing and selling months resulting in huge potential losses

How has your business adapted to the social distancing and lockdown measures?

All social distancing can be observed with isolated till and payment area in an open outdoor environment as well as restrictions to the volume of customers

How can local people support businesses like yours during this difficult time?

Shop local and keep businesses alive in your area

Do you have any website links you’d like to include in your guest post? (i.e. a link to your website or social media channels)

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