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What is your name?

Catherine Meades

What is your business or organisations name?

How long have you, your business or your family lived in the area?

I have been here 16 years, Cameo Family History has been active for about 3 years

What role does your business or organisation play in the local community?

I give presentations to local groups on family history

Do you have a message you would like to communicate with your customers and Consett Magazine readers? (i.e. Covid-19 changes, opening hours, announcements)

Cameo Family History is operating largely as usual.

How has your business been affected during the Pandemic? Can you describe your experience?

Luckily, a lot of family history research can be undertaken online. However, there is still much that requires visiting the local archives. As these are all closed this can be frustrating. Thankfully, customers have been understanding regarding delays in projects which require such on-site research.

How has your business adapted to the social distancing and lockdown measures?

These have a relatively low impact, with the main problem being the closure of archives and libraries, which has resulted in delays to projects involving hands-on research.

Do you have any local hero stories or people that deserve a shout out for their efforts during this time?

As a member of Consett Afternoon WI, I would like to applaud all our members for the way they have been keeping in touch and supporting each other at this time.

How can local people support businesses like yours during this difficult time?

Please contact me if you are interested in research into your family history – or joining the WI!

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