Firefly New Media has created a network of local magazines aimed at promoting positive local news. Here at the Consett Magazine and we wanted to do something to help local businesses during these challenging times by giving local businesses a FREE Digital Marketing Campaign.

During this pandemic, we know the uncertainty that local businesses face. Firefly recognises that local businesses are at the heart of our local community. And if local business goes under, we all suffer. We wanted to give back to local businesses and communities, help spread the news of all the good work and tremendous effort local people have contributed.

That’s why we’re offering a completely FREE Digital Marketing Campaign worth £199,

Send us your press release, 300+ words, and a few photos and we’ll help you publish your story! 

What kind of stories are we looking for?

  • Local Businesses that have been affected by Covid-19 
  • Local Businesses that have moved their business online.
  • Local Businesses that are providing a vital service to the local community.
  • Local Businesses creatively adapting to the lockdown & social distancing measures?
  • Local Business heros going above and beyond the call of duty.

Do you qualify for the FREE Guest post?

Are you a Consett Business? Then yes! We especially want to hear from the following! 

  • Bars, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, green grocers and butchers 
  • Local retail and businesses services
  • Local Charities and community groups 
  • Local businesses who’ve experienced any disruption due to covid-19
  • Local businesses who’ve taken their business online due to covid-19

So all that’s left to do now is hit that big blue button, submit your content and we’ll do the rest!

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