My granddaughter has a beautiful mind,

full of joy and exploration,

She’s funny, sweet and so resigned

to enjoy every situation,


She finds her coat to go for a walk,

And attempts to wear her shoes,

She only knows love, she’s attempting to talk,

While dancing around to YouTube!


She calls me ‘Ma’ with her cheeky wide grin,

Then kisses the phone she is holding,

She can’t comprehend why she has to stay in,

Or the news with it’s tone of foreboding.


She lights up my day, with a smile on the screen

As she points to her new big bed,

She’s one and a half, going on eighteen,

Unaware of the tears I shed –


when it’s time to go, as she waves her hand,

And shouts out a loud bye bye!

Relieved she doesn’t understand,

I blow her a kiss in reply.

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