Durham Council’s three Conservative MPs have written to Cllr Simon Henig, the Labour Leader of The Council, to ask that he excludes any monument to those who have fought for our country from Durham Council’s review of moments.

Last Friday, Councillor Henig said that the Council “are currently conducting an audit of all statues and monuments.”

Dehenna Davison, Richard Holden and Paul Howell have jointly written to the Labour Council Leader asking simply that, in the Council’s review of monuments:

“All monuments to those who fought for our country be excluded from the Council’s ‘review’.”

The MPs also questioned the Council’s use of resources, given the huge pressures that people face following the government’s decision to lockdown healthy people for months. To help the local economy bounce back, those resources should be focused on protecting local jobs.

Letter to Labour Leader Cllr Simon Henig

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