Today, North West Durham MP, Richard Holden, confirmed the full details of his application for a feasibility study into a new railway line that will run from Consett to Newcastle.

Richard had to submit a formal application to the Ideas Fund, part of the Restoring Your Railways Fund, a Government-led initiative driven by the Department for Transport to improve railway lines across the country. If Richard’s bid is successful, the Transport Department will fund 75% of costs (up to £50,000) to help fund transport and economic studies to create a business case. The Council have already pledged to fund 25% of the study, and Project Genesis and Go Ahead have backed Richard’s campaign.

Richard’s bid had to include outline information on economic improvements that the potential railway would bring to the area, set out challenges, and make a strategic case. The bid set out his plans for the railway and stressed the importance of maintaining and improving the cyclists and walking route. The bid has also requested that the Department for Transport look at the railway line in conjunction with car and bus travel to make sure that the route would work for everyone.

This follows Richard’s ‘Transport Survey’, which showed that North West Durham constituents overwhelmingly back his plans for a new railway. 72% of those who took the survey back Richard’s bid for a feasibility study and the proposed railway, with just 22% stating that they were in opposition to it.

Commenting, Richard Holden, Member of Parliament for North West Durham, said

“In the 1950s, Consett had multiple rail lines running into it and now there are none. Consett and the surrounding areas are growing hugely – industrial, residential and commercial development of the town have all grown over the past few years and further expansion on plans. This has put enormous pressure on the currently lacking local services.

“Currently, roads are at capacity which is damaging both the community and the environment, and limiting both employment and training and educational access.

“The building of a railway line, along with upgrades to the Derwent Walk, will enhance the area – commuting will be easier, tourism will grow, and the area will be revitalised and modernised. Residents back my plans and I will continue to campaign to improve our transport links and people’s lives”

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  1. This survey had around 500 responses out of 72,000 constituents, less than 1%. It’s of no value in terms of indicating what constituents think. Richard Holden needs to wake up to the fact that his constituency is North West Durham and not just Consett.

  2. This is so literally never going to happen. The railway to Consett was never a success as a passenger service because it takes such a meandering route to Birtley. That’s why it closed in 1955. long before Beeching. The bus routes are quicker and the direct route to Gateshead is too hilly for rail to be cost-effective. As for the Derwent Valley route, that will never be allowed to reopen. Save your money and your efforts.

  3. A modern diesel service could connect Consett / Blackhill with the Metro Centre / Newcastle much quicker than cars / buses. No traffic jams on the approaches to either destination either! The obvious route would be via the Derwent Valley – just watch property prices rise in places close to stations. The ‘last railway to Consett’ via Annfield Plain should also be resurrected, providing a North West Durham ‘Circular’ (Newcastle – Beamish – West Stanley – Leadgate – Consett – Blackhill – Shotley Bridge – Rowlands Gill – Metro Centre – Newcastle (and vice-versa) travel opportunity. Result? Re-generation of an area sorely in need of it.

    • The train from Consett to Newcastle via the Derwent route took around 40-45 minutes, and via Birtley was at least 1 hour. This compares to the modern bus, which takes 1 hour. If you compare the cost of a new line to what it will actually deliver in benefits, then factor in the loss of one of two hugely popular footpaths into the bargain, I guarantee the business case will never stack up.

      The truth is that nobody had ever seriously suggested this white elephant folly before the current one-term wonder was elected. It’s also very telling that schemes such as the Leamside Line reopening, a long-broached project with tangible local and regional benefits, were not even included in the ‘Reversing Beeching’ funding.

  4. I greatly regret the missed opportunity in 1989 when the goods route between Tyne Dock and Consett via Pelton, Beamish etc was closed. As the goods traffic ceased that year there was a golden opportunity to reinstate passenger services to & from Newcastle. Even the bridge across the main line just north of Chester-Le–Street was still in tact, and could have been used for trains from Newcastle not having to cross the northbound tracks and hold other trains up.
    If this route is to go ahead, Pelton Station would have to be rebuilt in a more accessible location, eg near the bridge over the main road not far from the shops. The Beamish Railway centre would then have good railway links
    I hope this route can be reinstated in the not too distant future.


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