I think it’s bemusing and so unfair,

that Mary Nightingale, has such good hair.

At six thirty on the evening news,

she smiles, then reads her autocue.


There’s no regrowth in her perfect parting,

as she moves her head, while she’s remarking –

on the day’s events, when the shops re-open,

she’s not bothered, showing no emotion,


as she tells us, it’s a month or more,

before the hairdressers open their door.

Has she a secret, that we don’t yet know?

like Kenneth on loan from Blow and Go!


sleeping and staying in her garden shed,

with his highlighting kit, under the bed,

always ready, on the end of the phone,

to see to her roots when she gets home!


Perhaps I’m just jealous, that’s what it is,

as I wear a big hat to cover my frizz,

So today I’ll wish, or even say a prayer,

to have Mary Nightingale’s perfect hair!


By Lorraine Weightman

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