Facebook paid ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn targeted campaigns are doing amazing things for businesses in 2020. From brand awareness, customer acquisition, and conversions/sales/leads, Firefly is your goto on-demand marketing team.

Our hand-picked teams are formed on a project by project basis. We have complete campaigns starting at just £1000 a month. That’s four marketing professionals for less than one full-time employee on minimum wage. 

Meet the Firefly marketing team
The Firefly marketing team is ready to manage your digital marketing campaigns from just £1000 per month.

So, how do Firefly do it?
We work smart. Your marketing team may consist of a graphic designer who also creates classy video content, a web designer who will also build your sales funnel, and a Facebook ads manager who also produces sales copy.

The Firefly team makes use of Scrum to manage our projects and campaigns, it’s a lightweight agile process framework used primarily for managing software development, but can be utilised in all types of project management. In a nutshell, Scrum allows Firefly to get more work completed and with much better results than other frameworks.

We help organisations to meet their desired objectives; be it selling more products online, getting more customers to visit your location, generating more high-quality leads, or simply by raising your profile in any given geographical area or industry. 

Firefly’s core team is growing every month and some of the people who could be working on your project may include:

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With expertise in many different industries, your team will get to know your organisation, help build your brand, increase awareness, grow your audience, pinpoint key opportunities for growth, and become your goto marketing team who are just a call or email away. 

Firefly’s on-demand team will be your unfair advantage over the competition. We’ll not only advise you on the best course of action, we’ll actually roll up our sleeves and do the work for you!

Get your free consultation and custom digital marketing campaign proposal delivered in just one week, call 01207 438 292 or email sales@fireflynewmedia.com to get started.

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