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As it’s October and we’ve not got too much time left in 2020, we aim to provide a little bit of positivity for the people in our town, especially in a year that’s been unkind to everyone on planet earth. So, if you’ve got something positive to feature in next month’s edition, please do send it across to us at – we can’t wait to hear from you.

In this months edition, you’ll find stories from Lorraine Weightman, Brian Harrison, Joan Willis, Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital (Ask the Vet), and the Places to Go feature from Alex Nelson.

We get a lot of emails each month about the content published in print and on – we are often asked about our political preferences, the truth is – we print whatever we feel is relevant and most importantly positive for the local community. We leave the negative news to others while focusing exclusively on what’s positive for our town.

If you feel your voice isn’t being heard, perhaps you’d like to take the time to send us an email (or if you need help please ask someone to help you compose your email) to have your say? If you can put together a short story of up to 300 words and include some images, we’d love to publish it. We accept content from anyone and everyone in the area, we simply ask that the content provided is positive, helpful and informative to the community.

We hope you’ll enjoy this month’s Consett Magazine. Warmest regards,
Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy, and everyone who makes the Consett Magazine possible.

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