Shall I compare thee to Benidorm Tom
Who sings every night up there on the stage,
His thighs aren’t that wide, his legs not that long
But his grin is gigantic, so he can engage –

With ‘Delilah’s’ and ‘Sex Bombs’ up on their feet,
Throwing their smalls, while shouting his name.
His Brillo pad wig is stuck on, and neat,
‘It’s not unusual’ to like this fame.

Why ‘fall in love’ with the ‘green grass of home’.
When you can ‘love me tonight’ with a ‘Kiss’,
You can leave your hat on when we’re alone,
‘What’s new pussycat’, can you resist –

Our ‘Thunderball’ love? will these hands ne’er be clean,
Come now and follow ‘My Elusive Dreams’!

Lorraine Weightman
October 1st 2020

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