Products are never just products, right?

Coca-Cola is more than a fizzy drink. Starbucks is more than a coffee. Ray-Ban is more than a pair of sunglasses.

Interacting with these products provide experiences, and we buy them with that experience in mind. Better yet, the companies that create and market them know exactly the experience they want you to have when you make (or consider) a purchase. That’s why they create a brand.

What’s a brand?

A brand is a feature or set of features that distinguish one organisation from another. A brand is typically comprised of a name, tagline, logo or symbol, design, brand voice, and more. It also refers to the overall experience a customer undergoes when interacting with a business — as a shopper, customer, social media follower, or merely a passerby.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to how familiar the general public and your target audience is with your brand. High brand awareness leads to brands being referred to as “trending,” “buzzworthy, or “popular.” Brand awareness is important because consumers can’t consider purchasing from your brand if they’re not aware of it.

Branding is your organisation’s name, logo, colour palette, voice, and imagery. It’s also more. It’s that intangible feeling your customers have when they interact with your brand. You know … that experience we talked about in the beginning.

That’s how powerhouse brands deviate from all the others. The tangible components contribute to this — a gorgeous logo, a clever tagline, an authentic manifesto, and a clear brand voice — but truly strong brands thrive when they focus on the big picture of their brand. Get to the heart and soul of your target audience and your organisation, and a successful brand will follow.

Create your brand with Firefly.

Firefly New Media are available to help you define your brand, your logo, your brand guidelines and to help you create consistent branded content for your organisation.

From creating a perfect logo, to creating all the different files types needed to use your logo properly and in all use cases, Firefly has made it simple for startups and established businesses to get their brand assets in order.

Just for your logo, you’ll need the following graphic assets: source files [.AI for future edits, or to render different sizes from], web-ready [72 dots per inch, jpeg or png] , print-ready [300 dots per inch, PDF], you’ll need a dark / light version for use on different backgrounds [both print & web versions], a square version for use on social media profiles, and an icon version for your web pages .ico file [that’s the little icon you see on web browser tabs or when someone saves your web page to their bookmark. And believe us, there are many other versions of your logo your organisation will need, like a logo file for embroidery purposes, or a transparent file for watermarking social graphics.

If you don’t have these files now, you’ll waste time in the future frantically searching them. Get organised. Clearly define your brand and get all your brand assets in one folder, so next time you need to print something or update your social media, you have all your logo files to hand.

Consider Firefly New Media for your brand package, they’ll help you to create the perfect logo and provide you with all the file types needed to build your brand.

Call 01207 438 292 or email to discuss your branding project.

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