Firefly New Media UK (or Firefly for short), a branding, website design, and marketing company founded in Consett has announced a rebrand to it’s visual identity and mission that reflects a deep dedication to client success.

Unveiling of the new brand is underway via an ongoing digital campaign consisting of paid ads, social media, email, and content marketing.

Firefly has also launched a new website ( which focuses on their core values of simplicity and functionality, making it easier than ever for companies to get in touch with the Firefly team and grow their online revenues.

The rebrand solidifies the Firefly brand’s aim to assist all types of enterprises with a no-fuss, on-demand marketing team by offering unparalleled personalised customer service and digital marketing campaigns.

Firefly has also launched a new website
Firefly has also launched a new website

“At Firefly, the goal was never to become some kind of big agency. We started local, helping friends and family get online, and this local touch has remained part of our DNA.

Local businesses started coming onboard, and were treated the same as friends and family. Word got out and we started to grow. Then, we went global. The rest, as they say, is history. That’s our story so far – we can’t wait to make you a part of it!”

– Barrington Kirkham, Founder of Firefly

“It’s been over six years since we’ve updated Firefly’s website in a significant way and over ten years since we changed our branding. I think the time was right to modernise, streamline and simplify our
brand identity,”

– Marco Elsy, Creative Director, who led the Firefly brand evolution.

“Over the years, design tastes and trends change. The new brand identity is not only current and modern but continues to reflect the core ethos of our organisation,” added Kirkham. “One thing that remains constant, Firefly is an ally for businesses. Our relentless drive is to see our clients succeed and reach new levels
of success.”


Firefly is a provider of marketing solutions for the UK, US, and European enterprises. As a partner for businesses, Firefly delivers a better way through honest guidance, effective strategies, and cutting-edge advertising technology for clients who need a clear path forward. To learn more and explore the new website, visit

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