Dear Consett readers,

As Consett Magazine approaches issue number 100 (out March 2021), we take a deep breath as we exit 2020.

Now, it’s not like us to give limelight to negativity and I’m sure you’re all sick of the statistics, but we wanted to document the figures here in the editorial for future historians to read. Sadly we’ve lost 1.5 million humans and at least 60 million of us have been subjected to the dreadful coronavirus covid-19. To add to this the entire planet’s population has had to endure the side effects of a global pandemic.

So what will we do about it?

How can we make the planet and perhaps more specifically to Consett Magazine readers, how can we make our area and community better going into the next decade?

  • We’ll continue to publish local content from individuals and organisations – we care about what matters most to the people of Consett.
  • We’ll stay positive, focusing on all the good things that happen in and around our town.
  • As a local alternative to the mainstream media, we’ll provide a true civic voice for our amazing community.
  • Local businesses will continue to benefit from affordable advertising and digital marketing (call us on 01207 438 292 to book your 2021 advertising campaign)
  • We’ll be increasing our workforce, employing local people and encouraging more young people to learn and train with media production skills (look out in future magazines for details about joining the team or email us with your CV).

In this print edition, we’ve got fascinating content from local contributors including:

Join MINT business club, for information on the amazing business support group see page four. Ever thought about meditating or exercising? Try Tai Chi, yes even during the pandemic – see page seven to find out more. Go back in time in Consett with Lorraine Weightman on page nine as she looks back to shopping in Consett when she was but a bairn. Joyce Shaw’s “A World’s Problem” is a journey back in time and around the world on page eleven. Barry Kirkham interviews rapper Kenny Cadence who lives in Mold, Wales, but still calls Consett his “hometown” on page sixteen and seventeen. We hope you enjoy this month’s magazine.

Have a very merry Christmas, stay safe and as always please get in touch if you’ve got a story for next month’s magazine: email or call us 01207 438 292

And a happy new year! (Let’s hope it’s not as virussy or lockdowny as 2020)

Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy and all the good people and advertisers who make Consett Magazine possible.

Please do your best to support local businesses during this tough time, and don’t forget to mention Consett Magazine when contacting any of the advertisers inside this magazine.

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