It’s that time again, the magical time for all.
To come together, eat, drink and have a ball.
Packed into the pubs to raise a baileys with your friends,
Desperately wondering when turkey variations ends.

The time to hear great stories and jokes that are naff,
But it’s your lovely Granda telling them so you force a laugh.
To wear daft party hats and a rubbish itchy jumper,
Keeping up traditions that started when you were younger.

Decking the house in all things gold and red,
And an old knitted stocking hanging from your bed.
But this year things feel a little bizarre,
We have to celebrate with loved ones from afar.

Yet this can not change what Christmas is all about,
Get up in the loft and get the decorations out!
For this year Christmas will be bigger, louder, brighter,
To make 2020 feel a little lighter.

Tell those closest whether near or far,
Just how unique and loved by you they are.
Give a smile to a stranger,
Lend a hand to a neighbour.

When we are expected spend so long apart,
It is vital to think with your heart.
Spread kindness like it is contagious,
Wear your Christmas outfit that is most outrageous.

Belt out every cheesy Christmas verse,
Get out on a winter walk and admire the universe.
Don’t dwell on what we can’t do,
You can make your own Christmas wishes come true.

Stock the turkey, sprouts and cheeseboard but never be too greedy,
Spare a thought this time of year for those trying and more needy.
Stay safe and above all,
Remember to eat, drink, and have a ball.

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