Send your loved ones a unique gift inspired by Beamish this Valentine’s Day with handprinted postcards, Herron’s Bakery treats and Jubilee Confectioners’ sweets!

For the first time ever Beamish, The Living Museum of the North is offering special items for that special someone on its online shop this Valentine’s Day.

The range includes postcards printed on a traditional press in The 1900s Town’s Eagle Press Print Works, solid perfumes from W Smith’s Chemist, Herron’s Bakery Be Mine Brownie Tins and even presents for your pets!

Show them your “sweet” side with Jubilee Confectioners’ treats, from the “You’re Canny” Collection to the “I Love You, Pet” Package, the unique gifts include sweets traditionally made in the sweet shop in The 1900s Town and there are plenty of tempting treats to choose from. Plus, you can still buy Beamish favourites – share the love with our sherbet lemons, win them over with our winter warmers and proclaim they’re the pick of the bunch with our apple drops.

Tell them they’re tea-riffic with our Beamish blend tea and coffee, monopolise their love with Beamish Monopoly and show them you care with a Beamish bear.

Matthew Henderson, Product Development Manager at Beamish, said: “We’re really excited to be featuring Valentine’s Day gifts online for the first time ever.

“From Herron’s Bakery treats and scrumptious sweet shop bundles to our traditionally-printed postcards and our luxury range of balms, bath salts and award-winning cold creams from W Smith’s Chemist – there’s something for everyone.


“Beamish means so much to so many people, with many of our visitors sharing very special memories at the museum including first dates, visits with family and friends, proposals and even weddings. So, whilst we might be closed at the moment, this Valentine’s Day we want to share the love. Whether you’re treating your other half, a family member or a special friend, be sure to show the amazing people in your life just how much they mean to you and leave them Beam-ing with our range of romantic presents. You’ll also be showing your love and support for the museum, something which really means so much to us all at Beamish.”

Visit to browse the amazing items available. All of the beautiful gifts can be sent with a free personalised message.

By buying items from Beamish’s online shop you’ll be sharing the love, not just with that special someone but with the museum as well – Beamish is a charity and relies on income from ticket sales, online shop, catering and retail outlets, Friends and supporters. The closures of the museum due to the coronavirus pandemic have had a devastating effect.
Here we take you through the best Valentine’s buys for Beamish fans.
Please note orders for items need to be placed by 5pm on Sunday, 7th February for delivery for Valentine’s Day. Subject to availability.

Be Mine Brownie Tin

Be sure to bag those brownie points with our delicious Beamish brownie tin. These six moreish chocolatey squares are made in our 1900s Town Herron’s Bakery exhibit and come in a bakery branded tin.

After receiving your order our bakery team will make the brownies, decorating each one with a red fondant icing heart, and then wrap them in Herron’s Bakery-branded greaseproof paper. They will be presented in a beautifully-designed silver bakery tin and the museum can also include a free personalised gift message.

Brownies approximately 75g per piece.

£15 per tin.

Beamish Valentine’s Postcards

Printed using Beamish’s traditional printing press in Eagle Press Print Works exhibit in The 1900s Town, show them how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with postcards inspired by their favourite museum.

How about a special Valentine’s Day postcard featuring the words “You make me BEAM-ish”?

Beamish Valentine’s
Beamish Valentine’s

Although the museum isn’t sure anything can really come close to Beamish sweets, you can show that special someone how much they mean to you with a short-but-sweet “I love you more than Beamish sweets (well, almost…)” postcard.

If a comparison to Beamish’s fish and chips is, in your opinion, the highest honour then the traditionally-printed postcard featuring the words “I love you more than Beamish fish and chips (well, almost…)” is the one to give!

Valentine’s Day postcard size 5inch x 3inch, includes “To” and “Love” on the back.
The museum can write a short message for you on the postcard of your choice and send it directly to the recipient.

£1 each.

Beamish Sweets – The Perfect Treats!

Show them you love them with a gift inspired by (let’s be honest) their one, true love – Beamish Museum sweets! The museum’s sweet treat gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face.

All of the Valentine’s treat bundles include an “I love you more than Beamish sweets (well, almost…)” postcard that has been printed using a traditional press in our Eagle Press Print Works exhibit in The 1900s Town. Postcard size 5inch x 3inch, includes “To” and “Love” on the back.

The museum can write a short message for you on the Valentine’s Day postcard and send the gift directly to the recipient.

The “You’re Geet Lush” Gift

Bring Beamish’s sweet shop to the ones you love this Valentine’s Day with this lovely gift. Presented in a reusable tin, featuring a beautiful Jubilee Confectionery Co design inspired by an original in the museum’s collection, this present contains 4oz of Beamish’s new scrumptious hardboiled strawberry sweets which have been made in the Jubilee Confectioners sweet shop. There’s also a Fry’s chocolate cream bar and a real leather embossed keyring which features an outline of the sweet shop exhibit.


The “You’re Canny” Collection

Treat them to this canny Beamish sweet shop Valentine’s special! This gift includes a portion of Turkish delight, two Fry’s cream bars, a Jubilee Confectioner’s coconut ice bar and 4oz of the museum’s new hardboiled strawberry sweets, presented in a Jubilee Confectionery Co reusable tin. Also included is a ribbon-tied cone filled with delicious pink sherbet and a lolly.


The “I Love You, Pet” Package

Say “I love you” in Beamish sweet shop-style with this delicious Jubilee Confectioners gift. Treat them to delicious strawberry bon bons, a Fry’s cream bar, almost-too-sweet-to-eat traditional pink and white sugar mice, a Jubilee Confectioner’s coconut ice bar and a ribbon-tied cone filled with jelly beans and milk chocolate jazzies.

Also included is a sweet shop-inspired tote bag and 4oz of hardboiled strawberry sweets, presented in a Jubilee Confectionery Co reusable tin.


The “Alreet Pet?” Package

Show them you care with this scrumptious Beamish sweet shop inspired gift. This perfect present includes a Jubilee Confectioner’s rum and raisin fudge bar, two delicious fry’s cream bars and a Jubilee Confectioner’s coconut ice bar.

There’s also a real leather keyring featuring an outline of our Jubilee Confectioners exhibit, a sweet shop-inspired tote bag and 4oz of scrumptious hardboiled strawberry sweets, presented in a Jubilee Confectionery Co reusable tin.


Plus, as well as the usual selection of mouth-watering Jubilee Confectioners sweet favourites, you can buy an 8oz tin of Beamish’s new hardboiled strawberry sweets, made in the sweet factory at the museum and presented in the beautiful Jubilee Confectionary Co tin.

For the chocolate-obsessed loved ones in your life, you can buy delicious Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate wrapped in 1900s design packaging. The replica wrapping is based on an original design from the museum’s collection.

Fun fact – the 1900s Dairy Milk packaging was Cadbury’s first ever purple bar! £9.99 for 360g bar.

Handmade Dog Biscuits

Don’t forget about your perfect pooches this Valentine’s Day! Handmade in the North East, Beamish’s new dog biscuits come in beef, chicken and cranberry and oats flavours. The packaging has been designed using originals from the museum’s collection.

110g per bag, usually £4.75 per bag, currently on offer for two bags for £7.

Mr Kerrison’s Chemist Creations

Give the gift of much-needed self-care this Valentine’s Day with our range of luxury items from W Smith’s Chemist.

Winner of the Best Product Award 2020 in the Cultural Enterprises Awards, Beamish’s cold creams are sure to win the hearts of your loved ones. Choose from geranium, neroli, orange, ylang ylang and patchouli creams.

£7.99 per pot, 4.5cm x 5.5cm, min 50ml.

Treat that special someone to some well-deserved “me time” with Mr Kerrison’s relaxing bath salts. Handmade in rural Northumberland, the salts are inspired by original recipes in the Beamish collection.

£2.99 per pack, minimum weight 100g.

You can also pick up a vanilla, geranium and cinnamon lip salve (£3.95 per pot, min 15ml) and white rose solid perfume (£6 per pot, min 15ml).

Beamish Tea and Coffee

Show them you care with a warming cuppa. Tell them to put their feet up with Beamish’s new loose leaf tea and coffee – created by local suppliers and inspired by the museum and the history of the North East. The packaging artwork is based on originals in the collection and is inspired by Edwardian produce in Beamish’s 1900s Town.

Beamish Blend Tea tin is £7.50.

Beamish coffee (ground or beans) is £5.50.

Beamish Monopoly

What’s a bit of friendly rivalry between loved ones?! Give the gift of hours of fun with this traditional board game, all themed around their favourite museum!

If you’ve visited Beamish with a loved one and flirted in the fish and chip shop, batted your eyelashes at each other in the band hall, held hands in Herron’s Bakery, caught their eye in the Co-op, taken a stroll down The 1900s Town street, been proposed to at Pockerley or found love at The 1940s Farm – be sure to bag the exhibits that hold a special place in your heart!

Put a smile on their face and feel more together this Valentine’s Day with Beamish Monopoly.


Beamish Bear

Show them you care with a giant Beamish bear! This cuddly companion is the perfect present for every Beamish supporter – especially for Valentine’s Day! The limited edition keepsake, which celebrates the museum’s Golden Jubilee, has a lot of love to give!

Bear is 18inch x 11inch, £50.

COMING SOON! Bakery Valentine’s Treat Box with Tea or Coffee

(Local delivery only (within 15 mile radius of the museum) on 12th and 14th February)
Bring Beamish to the loved ones in your life this Valentine’s Day with a selection of their favourite museum treats, made in Herron’s Bakery!

Hand delivered by a costumed Beamish member of staff, the Bakery Valentine’s Treat Box includes two plain scones with two pots of raspberry jam and clotted cream, two chocolate chip brownies made with real Belgian chocolate and decorated with a red fondant icing heart, two gingerbread people (wearing their hearts on their sleeves!), four pink shortbread hearts and a tin of Beamish blend loose leaf tea or pack of Beamish ground coffee. Packed with red tissue paper and rose petals, the box of delicious delights is tied with a ribbon and a Beamish tag and also includes a “You make me BEAM-ish” postcard, printed in the museum’s Eagle Press Print Works in The 1900s Town. You can even personalise the card with a short message.

The perfect way to declare how much you care this Valentine’s Day – whether you’re treating your other half, a family member or a special friend, show them how much they mean to you with a box of their favourite Beamish bakes.

Bakery Valentine’s Treat Boxes coming soon – visit Local delivery only (within 15 miles of Beamish Museum). This treat box will be delivered by hand by a costumed Beamish member of staff on the day you select (Friday, 12th or Sunday, 14th February) and needs to be ordered at least five days in advance. Subject to availability.

Valentine’s sweets made at Jubilee Confectioners at Beamish Museum.
Valentine’s sweets made at Jubilee Confectioners at Beamish Museum.

Visit to see the full range of unique Beamish Valentine’s Day gifts available. Please note, last Valentine’s orders need to be placed by 5pm on Sunday, 7th February. Orders for the Bakery Valentine’s Treat Boxes (coming soon) need to be placed at least five days in advance. Subject to availability.

Beamish is continually expanding its online offer. After the incredibly popular response to the release of their first Afternoon Tea boxes, the museum is planning to sell more of these delicious boxes on their website, visit

Beamish is a charity and 95 per cent of the museum’s income is from its visitors, including ticket sales, catering and retail. Beamish’s closures due to the coronavirus pandemic have had a major impact on the museum – purchases made from the online shop are supporting the museum and are greatly appreciated.

Beamish Museum, Beamish, County Durham, DH9 0RG. Tel. 0191 370 4000 or email

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