For most people, the events of 2020 have created a huge shift in purchasing habits. For most businesses making sales online has become a life or death matter. If you have a business or are considering starting to sell online, here are some trends for the year ahead based on what we already know:

Consumption change.

In general restaurant, travel, and luxury product sales are expected to continue to decrease. While healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods (non-durable household goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, sweets, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, and dry goods), online services, and everyday product sales – are all increasing significantly. This is mainly due to people being forced to stay at home and they decide to buy essentials to get through lockdown life.

E-commerce continues to grow.

eCommerce: Trends To Expect In 2021
eCommerce: Trends To Expect In 2021

More expensive advertising.

Advertisers started noticing an increase in online ad costs. This means businesses using Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads will require more professional, personalised and targeted campaigns.

Smart Marketing – Smarketing

Chatbots, email marketing, lookalike audiences, remarketing and social media will continue to be the go-to marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. They will become more effective with advanced big data data analysis, personalised experiences, and optimised ad costs.

Design focus – Simplicity

Simplified, minimalist designs that eliminate distractions and make the consumer focus on the product is also expected to become a big trend in eCommerce website design this year.

Delivery comfort.

Flexible postage options are attractive and make customers loyal during this period of time. Affordable and immediate local delivery will win the hearts and wallets of consumers who will get comfortable with purchasing products online.

Reduced cost of entry.

Starting an online business will become faster and more affordable. Website development companies have seen an uptick in demand amid the crisis and are starting to rebuild their teams to deliver workable eCommerce websites extremely fast. Pricing and timelines are shrinking. For example, Firefly New Media UK announced they’d start developing eCommerce websites at £2.5k (developed within 3 weeks). Many web developers are likely to follow to satisfy demand of local and traditional businesses taking online sales more seriously in 2021.

Offline to online transitions.

Products traditionally sold offline will now sell online. Many business owners are being forced to move their sales online to thrive in this new economy. Others will see it as an opportunity during the crisis. Whatever the case, it’ll continue to be the best way to reach the customers going forward. eCommerce web developers are starting to work with traditionally retail stores to go online. From butchers to sporting goods, Firefly New Media UK have seen an increase in interest from many different types of businesses looking to get established online and get a slice of the eCommerce pie.

Online sales after the lockdown.

Many people have become first-time online buyers in 2020. And some more experienced online shoppers have become even more comfortable doing it. Both audiences will have a significant percentage of those who’ll stick with online purchases after things get back to normal.

As a summary here are the key takeaways:

  • eCommerce isn’t a short-term spike of profit.
    It’s here for the long run and people will continue buying online.
  • High quality online experiences and fast, local delivery will create loyal online customers.
  • Developing an online shop has become more affordable;
  • Online shopping will become more personalised & automated at the same time;
  • Small mainly offline businesses can still catch the wave.


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