Labour party campaigners in North West Durham are urging local residents to register in advance for a postal vote in May’s county council elections in order to avoid queues and stay safe during the ongoing Covid crisis.

The May elections will see councillors elected to run Durham County Council but, given the ongoing pandemic and the social distancing and safety measures currently in place, the election campaign is likely to be like no other ever conducted, with door-to-door canvassing at a minimum and many people still nervous about mixing publicly. Against that background, local Labour campaigners in North West Durham are urging residents to vote by post as the safest option.

Commenting on the party’s postal vote drive, head of campaigns for North West Durham Constituency Labour Party, Charlotte Warris, said: “It is essential that everyone registers for a postal vote for the upcoming Durham County Council elections. The 2020 local elections were cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this year central government is yet to tell us whether the elections will be delayed again. This means that in order to stop the spread of the virus and stay safe we are encouraging people to register now for a postal vote.

“Our county council has been exceptional throughout this pandemic, making sure that its constituents are safe. When tested, our council has stood up and made the right call on all the big issues this year, from guaranteeing free school meals for children in underprivileged households, to making sure there is extra funding for local small businesses and creating support hubs by redirecting staff to aid our communities.

“We are calling on all local residents across North West Durham to make sure that they have their say by voting at this important election regardless of the pandemic. So, the message is clear – register to vote, vote by post, avoid polling station queues, stay safe and stop the spread.”

To register for a postal vote visit If you need to register to vote you can do so at

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