The hot topic at the moment when I’m speaking to Consett South residents is the controversial Consett Incinerator.

Consett has a proud industrial heritage, famous for its red dust and steel works, but as the years have gone by that heritage has been celebrated with the installation of sculptures and memorials, as well as regeneration of former work sites, so I’m left wondering – why would we take a step back and allow an incinerator to be built just outside of our wonderful town centre. These facilities are three times more likely to be built in deprived areas so why, when we’re looking forward to all of the plans for investment in Consett town centre, should we allow villages on the edge of town to be used as a playground for controversial developments. We’ll likely see house prices affected, issues with our roads, environmental factors and let’s not forget a potential odour being spread by the strong winds Consett is so well known for.

The simple fact is we need collective action to make sure the strength of feeling, not just in Consett, but the whole of North West Durham, is reflected in Durham County Council’s planning portal so when the planning committee meet to consider this application they’re left with no other option than to REFUSE it. I’d like to acknowledge the work the ‘No to Consett Incinerator’ Facebook group has done to highlight this particular issue, a great example of how people of all political persuasions can work together when fighting for a common goal. Examples of objection letters and other information is here:

Submit your objections to ASAP quoting reference – DM/20/03267/WAS

I’ll stand alongside residents when they fight for something that is important to them, a vote for me on May 6th will ensure you have a councillor who will stand by their constituents.

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