A Greasy Pole?

A few years ago, in Consett, an upstairs nightclub was opened in the main street.

I felt that this was not going to be an asset to Consett but it was legal and so permission was granted for the club to be opened.

Applications were advertised for girls to become lap and pole dancers.

I talked to a few of my middle aged girl friends and tried to persuade them to apply for the jobs! My reasoning was that if we got in quickly it would exclude the young attractive girls who would be pipped at the post!

I pointed out to them that we wouldn’t stand a chance when the owner saw some old wrinklies trying to perform, but I felt it could help to dissuade him opening up a place of ill repute in Consett.

One of my naive friends looked in horror and exclaimed “What if we get the job?” My answer was that we could do the dance of the 7 army blankets and by the time the last one had been removed, the customers would either be asleep or would have given up and gone home! Another friend commented, on practical terms, that if we did manage todo the pole dancing, what happened when we slithered down it, as we wouldn’t be able to get up easily at our age!!!

The club did open, but it didn’t last very long before it went out of business…there was no way any local man would be a customer, as it would soon be reported back to his wife and his reputation in the town would soon vanish too!!

By Joyce Shaw

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