Is it more stressful than you thought it would be?

Is it taking longer than you thought it would?

There is no need to panic, because Derwentside Home Buyers can help!

Whether you are selling your home because you are facing financial difficulties, you are facing repossession, you are emigrating, you have inherited a home, you are in the middle of a divorce or separation, or you need to sell quickly and need a buyer without a chain, then why not reach out to Derwentside Home Buyers? We help anyone who needs to sell their home, no matter the circumstances.

Derwentside Home Buyers is a local, family-run business which aims to help anyone and everyone to sell their home. This is our passion. So, no matter the why, we can help you sell your home and move onto the next steps in your life.

Do you know someone who is selling their home, or thinking about it? If you refer them to us here at Derwentside Home Buyers, you could earn yourself some money! And who doesn’t love a bit of extra cash?

For every successful referral and completed house sale, you could be paid £250, and your family member, friend or neighbour could sell their home! So, if you know someone who is selling, get in contact with us or send them to our Facebook page and for the successful completed sale you could earn £250, without even having to leave your home!

So, if you’re selling your home and want as little stress and hassle as possible, or you know someone who is selling and they are at a dead end with their estate agent, contact us via our website, email the team or visit our Facebook page to find out how you can sell your home!

Derwentside Home Buyers
Derwentside Home Buyers

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