We are a campaign group of local residents who are extremely concerned about the planning application to build an Incinerator in Consett at Hownsgill Park.

We have set up a Facebook page to support one another in objecting and share information about this proposal.

The Derwent Walk, C2C and Heritage Trail all flank the proposed incinerator to be situated in between the Terris Novalis and Hownsgill Viaduct.

It would be highly visible to users of this recreational route causing substantial adverse, permanent and therefore, significant effects to users. Not forgetting the noise, odour, litter, ash and emissions!

We feel the negatives far out weigh any implied benefits the applicant is stating. Does Consett not deserve better? A suggestion of a Heritage Centre that sits along side the heritage trail to celebrate our past would be something we could be proud of, educate our children and visitors for decades to come.

The proposal is at planning application stage, we are waiting for a planning committee meeting date, possibly in July, where a decision will be made. We need to raise the awareness to all of Consett to get objections in as soon as possible.

Please help by joining the say no to consett incinerator group on face book, signing the petition and send your objection to


Please help raise awareness many other similar groups have won and had these controversial facilities rejected. Every signature and objection counts


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