Consett Corona Photo Project – July 2021

The Consett Corona Photo Project started in March 2020 and has continued to document the effects of Covid-19 upon the people, volunteer groups and businesses in the Consett area. All images have been photographed within the Government guidelines. If you wish to be part of the project or have suggestions, please contact us at:

The intention is to host an exhibition or series of exhibitions in the area once restrictions are relaxed and it is safe to do so. Prior to this we will publish selected images on our FB page –

Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -15th June 2020: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images of Brockwell Court Care Home staff in coloured tunics and PPE face mask, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

1. The care being delivered in Brockwell Court can, at times, be challenging and requires the staff team to be highly skilled. During the pandemic, the demands upon staff have been increased because residents have been unable to have physical contact with their loved ones. Staff have had to step up into this role and provide new ways to maintain family contacts via the use of technology, as well as providing residents with additional social stimulation. The staff team have not only provided care for the residents but have provided a wide range of activities to keep the residents engaged and entertained. – (Image: George Ledger)

Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -14th January 2021: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images taken of Shotley Bridge Dental Practice, Queens Rd, Shotley Bridge,Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

2. On Monday 23rd March 2020 all Dental appointments and routine non-urgent appointments were stopped due to Coronavirus. However emergency treatment still had to proceed and following Government advice, Shotely Bridge Dental Care like most practices remained open but subject to stringent restrictions and measures. These measures were important to reassure both patients and staff that the practice was clean and safe. Some were obvious like the dental team wearing different protective equipment to that worn previously and patients having their temperature taken and having to sanitise their hands on entering and exiting the practice. Others less obvious but just as important such as Socially distanced waiting areas, cleaning of door handles and pens etc between patients, and Card only payments. It is impossible to say when these measures will be relaxed but because of them Dentists have been able to provide emergency treatment to many people throughout the pandemic. (Image: George Ledger)

3. Millions of children in England have gone back to school today after more than two months studying at home in the latest lockdown in England. Pupils and Staff in Tanfield School will take Lateral Flow Covid tests twice a week and face masks will be worn in classrooms. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the return as an important first step towards a “sense of normality”. We are sure pupils will have mixed emotions, a little nervous but really pleased to meet up with friends and Teachers again. – (Image: Debbie Todd)

Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -23rd November 2020: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images taken of Key Workers, Station Road Pharmacy, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

4. Community pharmacists are some of the most accessible healthcare practitioners, which was certainly the case during the pandemic as they continued to provide direct patient care despite restrictions imposed by the government due to the pandemic. Station Road Pharmacy, Consett like other Community pharmacists have reduced the burden on the healthcare system by diverting the influx of patients away from hospitals through triaging and screening patients. They have played various roles in supporting the healthcare system during COVID-19: delivering medications to patients, educating patients on telehealth services, assessing patients for renewal of chronic medications, performing consultations on minor ailments, clarifying misconceptions about COVID-19 treatments, and in a lot of areas contributing to COVID-19 screening and vaccinations. – (Image: George Ledger)

Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -21st April 2021: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images taken of Willowburn Hospice, cafe and potting shed, Lanchester, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

5. Covid-19 could force 1 in 10 charities to close within a year, according to some research. With 8 out of 10 charities predicting the pandemic will negatively impact their ability to deliver objectives over the next 12 months. One of our local charities is Willowburn Hospice based at Maiden Law near Lanchester. It opened in 1989 but has expanded over the years and in 2018 moved into its new building, which includes a new six-bed hospice and Day Services. Each of the six en-suite bedrooms are well-equipped, each room has its own private balcony, and the portable beds can be moved to the balcony upon request. Patients also have access to a large luxurious spa bathroom equipped with a hydrotherapy bath, television and music, everything you might need for a relaxing soak in the bath. Despite all the financial issues Willowburn has remained open throughout the crisis delivering the specialist supportive, palliative and end of life care they are renowned for. (Image: George Ledger)

Consett Ambulance Station, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -4th July 2020: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images of Paul Renwick, Paramedic Ambulance Officer at Consett Ambulance Station. at Consett Ambulance Station, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

6. North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (NEAS) covers 3,200 square miles across the North East region. It employs more than 2,600 staff and serves a population of 2.7 million people by handling all NHS111 and 999 calls for the region, operating patient transport and ambulance response services, delivering training for communities and commercial audiences and providing medical support cover at events. Staff from both our area’s stations at Consett and Stanley, have worked continuously through the whole pandemic providing both normal emergency care plus the additional work created by Covid-19, together with covering for staff absences caused by the virus. (Image: George Ledger)

7. The pandemic has seen Sandra’s job change significantly. The Cardiology nurse specialist is based in the community and visits patients with heart related conditions. She is also studying higher education at Teeside University. During the first lockdown she was drafted back into the hospitals where she had previously worked. More recently she has been working with a team of community nurses to deliver the vaccine to the vulnerable who are shielding. This is mainly within their homes or at nursing homes. The keen motorcyclist has been completing her education at home/online alongside these new changes to her career and is almost finished and ready for anything that life throws at her. (Image: Debbie Todd)

Shotley Bridge, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND -10th April 2021: Corona virus Lockdown images, General images taken of Staff and members of public at the Vaccination Clinic at Queens Road Surgery, Shotley Bridge, Consett, Co. Durham, ENGLAND
(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

8. The Covid-19 Vaccination program is a big success and a real game changer in the fight against Coronavirus. It is the biggest vaccination programme in the UK’s history, and began on the 8th of December 2020 when Margaret Keenan was vaccinated at University Hospital, Coventry. In England, COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered from 206 hospital hubs and 1,200 local vaccination service sites, including Queens Road Surgery at Shotley Bridge. A further 50 vaccination centres are in large-scale venues, such as football stadiums. We owe a great debt of thanks to everyone involved in this excellent Vaccination Program. (Image: George Ledger)

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