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A proposed energy recovery facility that could generate low-carbon heat and power for Consett residents by responsibly re-using 60,000 tonnes of locally-produced non-hazardous, non-recyclable RDF waste (otherwise destined for landfill), has been proposed for Hownsgill Industrial Estate.

Subject to planning permission, Hownsgill Energy Centre will create approximately 70 jobs both operationally, as part of the construction process, and thereafter in the wider supply chain, as well as help attract multi-million pound investment and new development projects to directly benefit the community.

It will specify proven, state-of-the-art technologies, and advanced filtration and cleaning systems used in world-leading facilities elsewhere, to fully ensure the extremely safe production of renewable energy, powering the equivalent of 8,000 homes without any health and safety risks to the general public.

An environmental permit will also be sought and required in order to operate, ensuring the strict compliance with the highest regulatory requirements and standards set out.

However, and unfortunately, an abundance of misleading and inaccurate information being circulated by opposition groups online and via promotional ‘against’ literature, has distorted many of the truths surrounding the plans, in particular those regarding emissions and health.

Furthermore, invitations sent out by Hownsgill Energy Centre (Project Genesis Ltd) to some network spokespeople, officials and community representatives in order to fully engage and provide the opportunity for open and balanced conversations, have also been declined.

A spokesperson explained, “We totally understand that the community will have questions regarding this proposal, and we very much welcome that discussion, we always have. As well as other activities, we recently held an online consultation in conjunction with local Delves Lane Councillors, which was very productive. However, it was also disappointing to learn and see that many of those vocally active in their opposition, were also refusing to engage with us too.

“Our plans are not for some ‘monster, toxic plume incinerator’ as it is being incorrectly labelled, but instead for a very safe, small-scale energy facility that will be in-keeping with the site it is proposed for (ie an industrial park earmarked for future industrial development).

It is very much needed on a local basis, not only to reduce the waste currently going to landfill, but also to help improve the local infrastructure given that there is now a much higher demand on power supplies from the likes of electric vehicles and home charging points. Without significant network investment, improvements and facilities like Hownsgill, the network simply cannot cope.

“This isn’t a spontaneous idea that we have just come up with. We have carefully planned, researched and assessed the need for low carbon power in Consett over many years. Simply put, we, as a community, cannot keep turning a blind eye to non-recyclable, non-hazardous materials produced in our very own area, some of which from household improvement skip waste, being buried for years to come for our children to deal with.

“This energy facility is an extremely safe proposition that carries no health risks to local residents. What will be emitted from the stack will be primarily water vapour and harmless carbon dioxide, and will not result in the inhalation of anything that is not already present in the air we breathe.”

Durham County Council is due to hold a planning meeting in September (date tbc).

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  1. And the people of Consett believed the lies and deceit circulated by the ‘disgusting left-wing scaremongerer’s. This is how the modern labour party and lib dems operate. Scare the living day lights out of the people.
    Let us bare in mind, the ‘do-gooder’, ‘scaremongerer’s’, are trained activists, their objectives are always to prevent developments which may be of benefit to local people and their local economy. These activists are paid to cause disruption and descent within local communities. (Dipton for example)
    Fortunately, people are now beginning to clearly see the negative results of years of ‘prescriptive’ left-wing labour and lib dem politics.
    When a project is proposed for a local area which will lead to provision of highly skilled work opportunities, training, and community benefits, the minds of ‘local people’ following the activists, have already been poisoned, by false, misleading information.
    To the people of North West Durham, your journey towards ‘levelling up’ has begun, particularly, now that our new County Council is no longer blighted by negative ignorance, practiced by some of the elected Member’s. (I accept that there are a number of representatives, who have been and are, good and decent opposition Members)
    It is now time for the all of the people of Consett and County Durham, to carefully consider all projects which are proposed for their local areas, with an open, positive and progressive mind.
    To allow the constant ‘protagonists of doom’ will negatively influence your freedom of thought, and, in the longer term, prevent your family’s, community’s and areas, benefitting from the world’s latest cutting edge technologies.
    So, in respect of the ‘Houndsgill’ project, seek ‘Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. (The liar can never be trusted)


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