A monster once lived atop a hill revered by all round,
Eating minerals, belching fire and spewing dust in town,

Red the fire, red the sky and red the air to breathe,
The earth was stained, the rivers too, including moor and heath,

Workers proud, drinking hard, there’s nowt they couldn’t do,
But rich men in their shiny suits would soon apply a screw,

They’d cut its throat, and let it die, without a second thought,
New investment, proper jobs, new life would now be sought,

After three score years and nothing new but houses all around
The hilltop changed, new folk arrived with hardly any sound,

The train tracks changed to cycle paths from Roker to Whitehaven,
Bright blue skies, stunning views, and red kites – let’s save them,

New schools, new shops and fast food chains, replaced the noisy bars,
With uber, online shopping and commuter jobs, there’s just a load more cars,

It needs to grow, with heart and soul to have a future strong and proud,
To help its friendly, caring folk be confident and loud,

Football, golf and rugby teams can play with pride and passion,
Its growing fast, its heart beats strong but alas there is a lesson

Inspired by Monster – the Consett Steelworks poem

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