Canicross is a hugely popular sport in Europe and is growing fast in the UK with regular events and races popping up nationally. Now Consett has its very own Certified Instructor and a range of Canicross training available to anyone that wants to get fit with their dog!

Consett Canicross course
Consett Canicross course

So, what is Canicross?
‘In simple terms – it’s the sport of cross country running with your dog using specially designed equipment allowing the dog and owner to run together as a team!
Based on the concept of sled dogs, the sport originated in Europe as off-season training for the sledding community and has now become popular as a recreational sport for dog and owner teams. Canicross is designed as a sport to be performed as off-road trail running’.
Darren Cutler, founder of Consett Canicross adds…

‘as someone that got into running seriously during the various Covid-19 lockdowns I was eager to get my young Staffy fit whilst spending more time with him, so we started going out together. I quickly realised, however, that we were doing things wrong, and he was probably not enjoying the experience much. He was wearing inappropriate equipment and didn’t really know what was expected of him. I researched Canicross and found a company that offered an in-depth course for potential instructors. My ‘business brain’ loved the idea of being able to provide local people with a professional service that both complimented my existing Sports Therapy business and might encourage more people to get fit alongside their dogs. I’m hugely proud to be the North East’s first Sporty Paws Certified Canicross Instructor and of being able to offer a safe, friendly and educational environment for people to learn the sport’.

Introducing Consett Canicross
Consett Canicross

Consett Canicross offers a minimum of three Social Running Groups per week (which are free for members) as well as a Harness Fitting Service, 1-2-1 Introduction to Canicross Sessions and Progression Programs around Consett and Chopwell Woods. Events are also planned for 2022, which will hopefully draw members of the Canicross community to the area.
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