Consett Park Bowling Club held its end of season presentation night on Saturday 27th November.

The trophies were presented by the chairman John Mitchell abley assisted by the club secretary Ann Mitchell.

  • Ladies Champion – Teresa Pearson.
  • Two woods –  Sue Ramage
  • Three woods – Teresa Pearson,
  • Four woods – Trish Clark.
  • Four woods challenge – Daphne White.
  • Mens Champion – Alan Platt.
  • Three woods – Alan Platt
  • Two woods – Peter Hudspith.
  • Four woods Pairs – Dennis Lavery, Mark Hutchinson.
  • Australian Pairs – Sue Ramage, Mark Hutchinson.
  • Over sixties – Mark Hutchinson, 
  • Jack Bond Trophy –  Paul MacMillan.

There was a raffle Ticket  draw and entertainment ,play your cards right and other party games, a good night was had by all.

Carpet Bowls

Some members of the club took part in The DCCBA CAPTAINS INVITATION RINKS, held at Coxhoe Village Hall on Sunday 28th November.

It was a good day, Sue Ramage and Paul McMillan (both members of Consett Park) got through to the next round. All the games were well contested.
A blast from the past 2002 to be precise.

A young male streaker ,who haired across the rinks so fast that some spectators missed him altogether, enlightened proceedings at Royal Leamington Spa yesterday.

On a surprisingly hot afternoon the players engaged in the first round of the National English womens triples championship thought about other things and carried on bowling .

  “We were in the best place to see him , because he started his run on our rink” said England international Catherine Popple. “He veered on to the next rink ,ran out of the gate and disappeared .”

In the fours final which was played on an adjacent green. Edna Stokoe , the Consett Park number three caught a glimpse of the naked invader , shrugged and drew a back toucher.

Margaret Robson, Maureen Gowland and Stokoe with Durham County secretary Gill Jones at skip built up a 30-10 lead after 19 ends at which stage the opponent’s, Penryn threw in the towel with two ends to play.

In contrast with the brazen visitor, absolutely nothing came off for the Penryn quartet who had former England international Gwen Daniel at lead followed by Liz Swadling ,Pat Jose and Judith Reynolds ”They were simply outstanding “ said Daniel “We just couldn’t compete with their consistency.”

Consett Park who were drawn in the preliminary round last Sunday , won seven matches in four days scoring 167 shots and conceding just 76. They had to play the :21st end only once on their way to the title.

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