Hello and welcome to the February 2022 issue of the Consett Magazine.

Good news! After receiving feedback from our readers regarding the readability of the print magazine, we have increased the size of text and made some of the backgrounds more contrasting to make the magazine easier for everyone to read. If you’d like to provide feedback on how we could improve the magazine, just let us know.

In this issue of Consett Magazine Lorraine Weightman talks about the legendary snow of 1963 and her monumental journey to school on page 4.

Joan and John Willis also write about their time working at Shotley Bridge Hospital and Crookhall Colliery on pages 6 and 11. And on pages 14 and 15 we have a story about the Consett Monster from Peter Jack Shaw.

Kind regards from Marco, Barry and everyone who makes the Consett Magazine possible!

We’d love to hear from local people about what’s important to them, If you are interested in becoming a writer, blogger, photographer, or video producer with Consett Magazine, please contact us via email or phone.

We have some exciting opportunities to get your story heard in DH8, both online and in print.

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