Local brewers from the Grey Horse Pub in Consett, came today to Parliament to pull a pint of their famous Steeltown Bitter with their local North West Durham MP, Richard Holden.

Consett Ale Works’ Steeltown Bitter is on sale this week in the famous House of Commons Strangers’ Bar as a Guest Ale, following a successful campaign by Richard.

From left to right: Paul Howell MP, Richard Holden MP & Dehenna Davison MP.

Mrs Sandra Wilkinson, Mr David Wilkinson, and Mr Ian Jackson, met with Richard Holden MP today to pull a pint of their own beer following a successful bid from Richard after an off-the-cuff promise made back during his election campaign of 2019.

Sandra and David, of the Grey Horse Pub, said:

“It took almost two years to sort, but after the pandemic – what we thought was a passing remark by Richard ended up being a promise kept. It’s so great to see Steeltown Bitter in Parliament. Richard has always been so good with us and the with pub industry in general. Today has been fabulous”

“This brilliant ale is a favourite of Richard’s, as well as neighbouring MPs Dehenna Davison and Paul Howell. It even has Ministerial approval, following the visit of Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to the Grey Horse pub last year, who enjoyed a sip himself.”

Richard Holden MP comments:

“It has been a while in the making but has been an absolute honour to successfully bid for Consett Ale Work’s brilliant Steeltown Bitter to get behind the bar in the House of Commons. It will now serve to quench the thirst of Members of Parliament and their guests in the famous Strangers’ Bar, just like it has done for years for my constituents. It was great to pull their first pint in Parliament with them on Wednesday 23 February just like I’ve done at the Grey Horse in Consett.”

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